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What’s Hot What’s Not

No surprising, modern sports models from Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe continue to dominate the market. With a nearly equal pandemonium surrounded examples produced in stainless steel…
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What’s Hot and What’s Not January

The demand for Rolex watches continues to be strong. With simulus money in the pipeline, this quarter should be great for business. In my 40 years experience I have never…
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Business Corner August 2018

The US dollar continues to be very strong with the economy in good shape. The stock market is trading with record highs. Un-employment is at an all-time low.…
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Business Corner November 2018

Both the IWJG and WWT had shows in November in Miami. The WWT has a small show with about average sales. Many of the dealers had pocket watches…
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Business Corner October 2018

The increase of the prime interest rate by the Fed has had a chilling effect on the stock market. Let’s hope we have no more this year. This…
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Business Corner September 2018

Gold is trading over $1,200 and this could mean that it has hit its bottom. The US dollar is somewhat weaker than it was last month. The Federal…
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