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February 2015
The folks at Budget Buy & sell are extremely honest and fair. In addition, Jimmy and his team really care about the community. They have been a blessing to the Lighthouse Mission for more then a decade. Budget Buy & Sell is a business of integrity. God bless you.

August 2015
Had very good experience with the staff. I was treated cordially, and given very fair prices when selling jewelry.. Would most definitely go back again, and would recommend Budget Buy & Sell to anyone.
Dorothy Landriscina, GOOGLE review

July 2015
My experience with them was very professional. They have the best prices for buying old jewelry. I will definitely be using them again the next time I sell my old stuff.
James Heffren, GOOGLE review

July 2015

Recently visited Budget Buy & Sell. What a wonderful experience. We have know the owner for quite a few years and he always makes our experience a pleasure. We trust him and have a great deal of respect for his honesty and credibility. We recommended our friends. They are the best and will have great times going there. It’s truly a family and we’re happy to be a part of that closeness. We will be a customer for many years to come. I think everyone should experience how gracious and giving they truly are.
Celeste, Facebook review

August 2015
I’ve been using them for years. I brough my engagement ring there after my divorce and they were very fair. I bring them all of my watch and jewelry repairs too. They are really pleasant to deal with.
Johanna MHB, GOOGLE review

July 2015
Jim, Chris, and the staff at Budget Buy and Sell were incredibly helpful and professional. They really took care of my wife and I and have top notch diamonds and jewelry. I will definitely recommend them to others.
Michael LaVolpe, GOOGLE review

June 2015
I can’t say enough good things about Budget Buy and Sell and their staff.I inherited some jewelry pieces from my late grandmother and had some other stuff laying around I just knew I wouldn’t wear.  I have never really gone to a pawn shop so I planned to go to 3 to see where I got the best deal. Budget Buy and Sell was my last stop but now Budget will be my FIRST AND ONLY stop! I was shocked at the huge selection of beautiful jewelry they had and even better the amazing prices!!  And it didn’t end at jewelry… Flat screen tvs , tools, instruments and video games , iPads, cameras I just can’t get over the prices. It was crazy!

So Like I had said I stopped at 2 other places before…. Where they were unfriendly, not helpful and just downright rude and worst of all they gave me a low price for the jewelry. When I walked into Budget Buy and Sell I was greeted and helped in a very professional way. These guys were fantastic!!!!

Artie helped me with everything from start to finish.  He was very upfront, honest, helpful and patient!  He went thru each piece with me and made me feel very confident in the price I was receiving And exactly what I had. ! He also explained the difference between pawn and selling. And the difference in price. I would have never known without his knowledgeable help!  I can’t rave about this place enough. And the ease of it all. Who knew it would be so easy to walk in with jewelry and walk out with a smile and a wad of cash! (( ohh and Alittle something extra for me )). they obv bought my jewelry for way more than the other places offered… So much that I decided to look around! Artie helped me find a beautiful necklace that I just love and he gave me an awesome deal. I can’t wait to go back ! And I will def be referring all my friends and family here   Nothing is more important than HONEST INTREGRITY. and making the customer HAPPY!!!! The service I received that day was exactly that!!!! Thank you!!!
Mindy L., Great River, NY, YELP review

August 2015
Budget Buy and Sell gave me very fair and honest prices for my jewelry. Very nice people to deal with. I would go back in a heart beat for any price quote and/or selling. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone looking for a good deal.
Dorothy L.  Bay Shore, NY , YELP review

June 2014
This review is based on a purchase. I was looking for a nice watch as a graduation gift and I am not talking timex or Seiko. I came into budget knowing this is a pawn place but the windows always look filled with nice things to buy. I go on in cases filled with rings bracelets diamonds you name it. I am immediately greeted by a friendly man. I say I need a nice watch for a teenage boy. I say I’m thinking citizen. Wwell they have the rolexs and the omegas clearly not my budget. They also have invicta which is not for me either and there it is the one citizen in the shop. It looks new it’s in its original box. I see the price the man says how about 10 bucks cheaper I say you got a deal. They even check the battery and the time. On a side note a woman next to me is peering into the diamond ring filled case remarking oh all the poor people that sold their rings…now now mam not everyone sells a piece of jewelry because they are “poor” sometimes they hate the piece or their great aunt Lucinda died and left them a ring they don’t want. I have no problem dealing a pawn either side and for sure if you’re looking for something nice but can’t afford new go on in.
Renee J T.  Syosset, NY, YELP review

October 2014
Pretty happy w/ my selling of an old ring. I was offered a ‘lil’ more $ elsewhere,. …but then they almost matched it!!  I took the deal,  i don’t need to drive an extra 1-2  hours for an extra $100. Thank you, guys,  i now get to buy new tires on my truck….w/ money to spare! P.S. friendly & seem to be honest guys. I told them i will also send my family there. Beautiful stuff!!!
Skipper E.  Montauk, NY, YELP review

September 2012
Always fair and honest with me every time I have been there. Tested them a few times with gold and silver to see if they were being honest with me as to how much it weighed, how much it was worth and what a fair offer price was. They passed every time can’t go wrong here. Sometimes they have a little bit of an attitude but it is expected, I’m sure they have to deal with a bunch off rude and obnoxious people on a daily basis. If you have jewelry to sell come here DO NOT GO TO GOLD PALACE ACROSS THE STREET that place is a complete rip off. I had a necklace to sell recently gold palace offered me $350 walked across the street to budget and got over $500. This is the place to go.
John M.  Bohemia, NY, YELP review

We have visited Budget Buy & Sell on several occasions to get rid of unwanted jewelry. Their staff is very helpful, and we always get top dollar for our merchandise. I recommend Budget Buy & Sell whenever I have the opportunity to anyone that is looking to get rid of unwanted jewelry or other items. We are extremely happy with the service they provide.
Google Reviewer

July 2012
This is the only place that you need to go to sell your gold! I always get the most money! The last time I brought jewelry there I got $250 for it! I went to a few places and one place offered me $210 and the other offered me $150!

February 2010
I brought a engagement ring to sell. it was bought for abou 5k and was cert. When i brought the i didn’t have the cert and the guy here was very honest. the ring without cert is probably 3k, I have to resell and make a profit. he gave 1500. I thought it was fair given the circumstances.

November 2009
BBS was recommended by a friend. I had some jewelry to sell. I wanted to get a fair deal. I stopped at 3 other gold buying places before I went to BBS. I did not tell BBS the price I got from the other places but BBS beat all prices. The nearest was $200 less then I was paid. If you are unsure about your gold, stop at other places first then go to BBS. I was not disappointed. I dealt with Jim. I think he is the owner.

November 2009
For starters, let me state I am in no way an expert within the gold market. I am a small time investor who has frequented many establishments within Suffolk county in regards to my investments. I have had the opportunity to deal with budget buy and sell on many occasions and have never been dissatisfied with their services. I have also never received higher pricing. My initial visit was preempted by a phone call to the store, and I found their employees to be both polite and informative. After receiving some basic info on the phone I ultimately decided to take a trip down to the store in person. In additon to my initial visit, all my subsequent visits have been met with courteousness and forthrightness. I have sold both bullion and scrap jewelry and on both occasions felt comfortable with their pricing standards and informative explanations. The previous posters figures however, don’t mesh with the math I applied on my own. If as stated over 53% of the market value was in fact deducted, then 75% of that number would certainly not rival 95% of the market. It seems as if perhaps the above poster was simply confused and perhaps combined the figures for both jewelry and bullion which vary greatly. Again, within all my dealings with budget buy and sell I have never been dissatisfied. I would encourage anyone to shop there if not for their great pricing standards then at least for the education they are more then willing to provide.