What’s Hot What’s Not June 2021

This past mont has been momentous, with prices strongly above retail on all modern Rolex models. Similarly, all sizes of gold President models continue to climb, proving timeless appeal. With even 26mm ladies references once again becoming sought after, we see the enthusiasm of the market and the strength of the Rolex brand.

Just as once overlooked sizes of Rolexes are desirable again, so are watches from manufacturers like Hublot and Franck Muller; now attracting further collector attention. Cartier continues to build renown, Some of the Tank Basculante are now trading at nearly $10,000 up from $3,500 just recently.

Business Corner

With the IWJG show in Miami on July 19-20 and another in Las Vegas set for August 22-23 trading is in full effect. Although a short supply of inventory is still in effect with some hesitant to sell, business remainst good with active and frequent trading taking place.

In conjunction with low interest rates and rise of inflation, the watch market too has risen. The close following of collecting trends is advised, as the extreme enthusiasm surrounding the watch market has resulted in many once overlooked watches appreciating significantly over relatively short periods of time.