Business Corner November 2018

Both the IWJG and WWT had shows in November in Miami. The WWT has a small show with about average sales. Many of the dealers had pocket watches and American wrist watches. This is a very tough market but some sales were being made Turnout at the IWJG show was good with a line of dealers waiting to get in who were new or had not pre-registered.

There were a lot of Rolex watches at the show with high prices. Many dealers complaining to me about slow sales. It seems that many were holding out for Christmas.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut and Nautilus watches. new and pre-owned, are very hot. This is in all metals and models. Patek has reduced distribution of these two lines. In 1989 both square and rectangle Patek watches were very hot, and round models were not selling well. Many of the square and rectangle models are currently selling for less than they did in 1989, with most round models doing well well. Change in the watch market is inevitable. One cannot always be on the right side.

In general, rose gold and stainless steel watches continue to be in high demand.