Business Corner May 2018

The strong dollar has made gray market watches easier to obtain. Gold also has declined $42 from last month. This could be in part because of the Korean detent. Also the strong job picture comes into play. Overall sales of Rolex and Patek men’s watches in the U.S. are good.

Summer sales are usually slower so this is a good time to increase your marketing strategy. If you are not taking trade, it could be a good time to start.

A one-of-a-kind 1971 white gold Unicorn 6265 Rolex Daytona was sold in Phillips Auctions Geneva for a record price of $5.9 M, making it the 2nd most expensive Rolex to be sold at auction. Sold by Italian collector John Goldberger, the proceeds went charity; Children Action.
New Rolex S.S sport watches continue to be very hot with many selling over retail in the secondary market, including the S.S 116500 Daytona, 116710 GMT blue-black Batman, 116710V green dial Hulk Submariner, Sea Dweller 126660, and the Deep Blue Sea Dweller 126600 43mm. This pricing is due to strong demand of the Far East market.